I would firstly like to thank you all at Manson for offering the most accommodating service possible. To have actually delivered my new stainless anchor to the boat by tender was fantastic.

More importantly though was the job my new stainless Plough anchor is doing. Having had serious problems with my Delta holding in your Bay of Islands and in the fine corals of the South Pacific (we actually dragged causing serious damage). We were using the Lewmar recommended size anchor and chain which we always felt was slightly on the light side but were told it was adequate for the job. We are a low windage, light displacement cat of over 50 feet and cruise extensively.

You immediately recognized the weight/size inadequacy of what was previously installed on “Squid” and gave me the correct type and size anchor I needed. Since using my Manson Stainless Plough I have had no troubles whatsoever. In fact, I hardly think I will. We nearly fall over backwards when it digs in…, we aren’t going anywhere!!

Thanks again for such a fine product and really good personal service.