In the 6 & 1/2 years we have travelled more than 45,000 miles, visited 26 countries, and have anchored at least 1000 times. We have yet to use any other anchor than our Manson Plough. It has been totally reliable in thin coral sands, in mud and in the treacherous grasses of the Mediterranean. Most of our cruising friends changed their anchoring tackle after disastrous anchoring experiences in the Med. Many were using locally made anchors. We never needed to consider a new option.
The Manson also coped well in areas with strong tidal flow, such as the amazon with it’s 7 knot current.
We have had the chain re-galvanized twice in the course of our travels, but the anchor is only just requiring attention.
Thanks to you folks at Manson for an anchor that has truly passed the test of time… and distance.